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The COSMIQ Dive Companion from Deepblu is the hardware component of a system that allows divers to continue their diving experience after completing a dive. COSMIQ goes beyond the essential functions of a dive computer. With the click of a button, it syncs with the Deepblu mobile app allowing divers to effortlessly create a digital dive log.

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The next innovation in Dive Computing has arrived in the form of the COSMIQ Dive Companion, this advanced hardware allows divers to continue their diving experience after exiting the water.

The COSMIQ Dive companion wirelessly syncs with a click of button to the Deepblu Mobile App to log every dive in digital format.

cosmiq deepblu wireless connectivityThis revolutionary device combined with the mobile app provides divers an opportunity to stay connected to the diving world between dives, the social space allows interaction with other divers to learn more about diving, share experiences and story’s about exciting locations. The Deepblu mobile app provides users with a comprehensive and enjoyable dive logging and social networking experience.

Capture your Diving experience with creative simplicity

Create comprehensive and beautiful digital dive logs with Deepblu is quick and easy. Record your dive experience while it is fresh in your mind and preserve the new set of memories you’ve created. Upload dive data from your dive computer or create a log manually. Safely store your dive logs in the cloud and access them from any device.

Deepblu offers a number of extra features that allow you to go above and beyond the conventional digital dive log:

  • Bring your dive to life by writing a story describing your dive in detail. Saw a shark? Got caught in a current? Record the information to enrich your log.
  • Integrate photos and videos with dive data to create a visual dive profile, pinpointing the exact time and depth at which every photo was taken.
  • Tag dive site locations on Deepblu’s Dive Site Map, and leave a review of the dive site for other divers to see.
  • Keep your dive logs private, share them with the Deepblu Community, or export them to other major social networks

Cosmiq Deepblu Dive Companion web app

  • Deepblu Decompression Algorithm based on the calculations on the Bühlmann ZH-L16C model.
  • Measures all vital dive data, performs decompression and saturation/desaturation calculations, for Standard Air and Nitrox dives.
  • Adjustable settings for the oxygen level (FO2) between 21% and 40%.
  • Dive Plan function for planning dives in advance.
  • Freedive Mode built specifically for apnea/freediving.
  • Gauge Mode setting for use as a depth gauge and timer.
  • Sound and visual alarm warnings.
  • Dive logbook – saves dive data for up to 25 dives.
  • Wireless synchronization via Bluetooth to upload and save dive data to the Deepblu mobile app to create digital dive logs.
  • 2.2 inch high contrast LCD screen with pixel-less EBTN technology.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with magnetic USB connector.
  • Built-in clock and calendar.
  • Ability to adjust settings using Deepblu mobile app.
Measurement Units Metric (meters/°C) or Imperial (feet/°F)
Water Resistance 100 meters / 330 feet
Gases 1 Gas – Oxygen (21%-40%)
Partial Oxygen Pressure (PO2) Adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar
Algorithm Deepblu Decompression Algorithm based on the Bühlmann ZH-L16 model
Safety Factor Conservative, Normal, Progressive
Altitude 0 meters / 0 feet to 300 meters / 985 feet
Battery Life 6 to 7 hours of continuous use
Battery Charger Standard USB
Log Storage Up to 25 logs unsynchronized
Data Transfer Bluetooth 4.0
Dive Log Software Deepblu iOS App
Firmware Upgrade Free OTA firmware upgrades
Housing Material Fibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate
Lens Material Polycarbonate with 8h hardness coating
Screen Technology Enhanced Black Twisted Nematic (EBTN) Negative Image LCD Display
Strap Material -24mm Ballistic Nylon NATO watch strap with stainless steel buckles and a velcro fastener -Bungee cord
Dimensions 70.6mm (2.78”) x 48.6mm (1.91”) x 20.9mm (0.82”)
Weight Approx. 81 grams

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